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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Plato's Closet and the Broke Single Mom

Three years ago I wrote an article for what is now called Yahoo Voices. It was a review about Plato's Closet.

I wanted to share the wonder that is Plato's with you. They sell "previously loved" name brand and designer clothing, footwear and accessories at anywhere from 20% up to 90% off the retail value.

When my oldest son started going through his Ralph Lauren Polo phase (is it a phase if its been 2 years?) I got super duper lucky at Plato's. At the time golf style RL Polo shirts were retailing at about $65 yet I was able to find 5 shirts in his size. A couple were on the half off rack and the rest were "full price" I ended up paying about $40 for all 5 shirts.

He was happy, my wallet wasn't empty and the bonus was that they stamped my Plato's card 4 times. Once for every $10 I spent. And once that card is full you take it in (at least in my towns Plato's) and receive 20% off you entire order. And guess what? They start you off with a new card on that order. It's a wonderful cycle ladies :)

And when he is tired of all that Polo in his closet, he can take it right back to them and they will pay him cash for whatever the buy back. And they also have massive sales at the ends of each season.

So check it out and if you have enough storage space then you can get your fall school clothes shopping started on a dime.

My original article:

Happy Shopping!

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