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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Free Gas and the Broke Single Mom

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I happened upon a cool site for single moms' run by Lindsay called Grants for Single Moms. One of her posts touted free gas for your car and the premise is simple, certain companies will pay for your gasoline if you attach their advertising to your car.

One is Free Gas USA and there are of course applications and restrictions but it seems like a good idea especially these days with gas at over $4 a gallon in most places.

But even if you don't qualify or get accepted to any of the programs she has listed on her site, this is something you can do locally. Small businesses have limited funds for promotion and advertising. If you are a people person and aren't shy then you can type up a one sheet offer to hand out to local business.

Offer to put their magnetic advertising (if they don't have one you can direct them to Vista Print, my daughter purchased 2 for less than $50 for her company, Couture Mobile) on your car for a certain amount of time in exchange for a specific amount gas card or check. List how much time and in what areas/neighborhoods/towns/cities you usually drive through in a week, or any particularly high traffic areas like schools, stadiums etc.

You only need one or two to say yes to be able to cover your gas costs. Below is a mock up I just made, I'm sure you can do better :)


Why pay the local paper $1000 for a half page ad that will only run for a few days to a week of advertising when you can get a mobile advertising avenue for less than half the price for an entire month.

I will proudly display your company’s magnetic billboard for $450 per month.

I travel to highly populated venues such as kids’ sporting events, hospitals, church’s, sports arenas and larger cities.

If you would like more information please feel free to call

See I told you that you can do better,lol. But you get the gist. And if you would like to read Lindsay's entire post please click here.

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