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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cheating Boyfriend and the Broke Single Mom

Photo Credit John Glenn Taylor

I wrote a 3,000 word article (or booklet) on the top 10 signs your boyfriend is cheating on you.  In it I give my story and the story of 2 close friends, I did this to illustrate what ignoring the signs can lead to.

Available at Barnes and Noble or Amazon

No one wants to think of their man (husband or boyfriend) stepping out on them, but it isn't good for your relationship, your sanity or your health to pretend your gut isn't telling you something is wrong.

If you would like to you can visit Barnes and Noble or Amazon to read a sample.

I really do hope this post is not relevant to you because I know the pain first hand :(

(written under my pen name Lizabeth Carrero)

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