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Monday, May 7, 2012

Learning a New Language and the Broke Single Mom

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I have a confession to make. I have always wanted to learn how to speak Italian and French. I already speak Spanish, or Spanglish as my mom says, but I always believed that learning these languages would enhance my life somehow, hmmm.

I wanted to learn online and be able to work on it at my own pace because local classes meant having to keep to a schedule set by someone else, and money wise? I found out quickly that learning a new language can get pricey.

Since all of my "extra" cash goes to traveling as much as I possibly can, I knew I wasn't about to drop $179 and up to learn Italian. So I went on the hunt, you know the one, the "there has to be a cheaper way" bargain hunt!

And ta-da, there is, here are two for your consideration.

You can get a free e-Course from the site eLanguage School. Just pick a language and sign up on the left hand side of the site.

The one I signed up for to learn Italian was through our good friends over at the BBC. They offer 12-week courses and teach you words, letters, phrases and sentences using a scripted and story lined video series.

Pretty awesome, I must say. I have been blogging and writing a lot lately and have fallen off on my own Italian lessons. But I will be resuming them soon. And after Italian, yep you guessed it, I'll be signing up for the French lessons as well.

I asked my sons to watch the first video of La Mappa Misteriosa but they declined. My grand daughter liked it though. And she's a quick learner for sure. Maybe you will have better luck and you and your kids can be bilingual with out spending a dime.

(Impressed? lol)


Patrice said...

This is good to know. I minored in French in college and have wanted to brush up on it, just in case I get to go to Paris one day (or even French-speaking Africa or French Polynesia - that's closer to me). So I will definitely check out the eLanguage School. Thanks for sharing!

Lyza Ramona - Writer said...

Hi Patrice, Thanks. I was uber excited to find such great and gratis language courses online. I'm shooting for Paris too, but in the meantime like you, I will make do with a closer place. For me is Quebec :)

Kenneth Brett said...
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